Sunflower Oil

  • We sell refined sunflower oil that is clean and contains all the natural sunflower oil nutrients. Refined sunflower oil has a wide range of applications including its use as a cooking oil.



Sunflower Oil wholesale and suppliers.

Sunflower Oil Wholesale. Furthermore,Our company is a big supplier of German refined and unrefined sunflower oil wholesale, both in bulk and bottled. In addition We regularly supply only high quality and 100% pure sunflower oil without adding other vegetable oils to the product.In addition. Sunflower Oil for Sale

We offer to buy sunflower oil wholesale at the best price in world.
The number of our customers and tons of sold oil gives our company the status of a reliable partner and supplier of Refined Sunflower Oil wholesale. Today we have developed our own brands of sunflower oil. Our company supplies oil to more than 20 countries of the world. We offer to buy oil with a label of your brand. Sunflower Oil Wholesale


Wholesale prices for Sunflower Oil that we indicated on the website are for informational purposes only. The price for refined sunflower oil itself may vary depending on the quantity of the order, payment methods, exchange rates and other natural causes. In order to find out the exact price or price with delivery – send us the necessary application. Sunflower Oil Bulk SuppliersYou can buy Sunflower Oil or unrefined wholesale by signing a preliminary contract for the supply of products. First, of course, you can get acquainted with our products, production processes, visit our office in Turkey. After signing the contract and execution of the agreed payment terms – we prepare the products for loading, fix all the processes, carry out customs clearance of the goods and deliver the products to you. Sunflower Oil Wholesale


Sunflower Oil Wholesale
Sunflower Oil Wholesale


We supply refined sunflower oil that is perfectly clean and preserves all the nutrients during the production process. This refined sunflower oil can be used in conditions of extremely high cooking temperatures.  If you’re looking for fresh Christmas trees near me’ our selection won’t disappoint

Margarine and cooking fats are made of refined sunflower oil by hydrogenation. Sunflower Oil Wholesale

Our high quality refined sunflower oil is also used in the manufacturing of canned food, as well as in the soap boiling, paint and varnish industry. Sunflower Oil for Sale

Custom design print labels for the PET bottles and boxes are available upon request.


Buy Sunflower Oil in Bulk
Buy Sunflower Oil in Bulk


  • Refined Sunflower Oil Specifications :

І. Organoleptic Evaluation

Appearance; pure, refined, without sediments and  with a light yellow color

Taste and odor: deodorized with good taste

ІІ.      Chemical                                       LIMITS                METHOD

Density (25º/4º)                                       0, 9165 – 0, 9235           ISO 6883
Refraction index (25ºC)                           1, 4735- 1, 4755              IRAM 5505 / ISO 6320
Iodine index                                                110, 0 – 143, 0               IRAM 5515 / ISO 3961
Saponification index                                 188,0  –  195,0               IRAM 5516 / ISO 3657
Unsaponificable matters                          Max. 0,7  %                    ISO3596
Acidity (% oleic)                                         Max. 0,07 %                  IRAM 5512 /       ISO 660
Soap (ppm oleate of sodium)                  Max. 7ppm                    IRAM 5599
Index of peroxides (meq O2/Kg)           Max. 4meg/kg               IRAM 5551 / ISO 3960
Color:                                                                                                     IRAM 5503
Yellow Lovibond (5¼”)                            Max. 12                           ISO 15305
Red Lovibond (5¼”)                                 Max. 1,2                         ISO 15305
Moisture and volatile matters                 Max. 0,05 %                  ISO 662
Winter test                                                  Min. 24Hs                      IRAM 5595
Loss for heating (%p/p)                           Max. 0,05 %                  IRAM 5510
Phosphorus                                                 Max. 10ppm
Citric acid                                                     50 ppm

  • Empty bottles without caps and handles :

Packaging           Height           Width           Weight

1L                        271,5mm        76mm            21gr-34gr
3L                        285mm          125mm            67gr
5L                        325mm          151mm            79gr
10L                     410mm           197mm           120gr-140gr

  • Full bottles with caps and handles :

Packaging               Height                Width        Weight

1L                           281,5mm            76mm         918gr
3L                           287mm               125mm      2,775kg
5L                            327mm              151mm      4,700kg
10L                         412mm              197mm       9,320kg

  • PET Bottles :
Liter Bottles Cartons/ 20 ft container Cartons/ 40 ft container
1 12 1770 3410
3 6 1370 2744
5 4 993 1990
10 1 2200 4400
16 1 1498 3002
20 1 1190 2389
210 1 80 100

Estimated delivery dates include handling time, origin ZIP Code, destination ZIP Code, time of acceptance, will depend on shipping service selected and receipt of cleared payment.

Delivery time may vary, especially during peak periods. But we usually deliver between 15 and 30 days.


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 by Nassir Shawn
Sweet Delivery

40ft container came through with no custom worries up to Togo, thanks so much.

 by Rodriguez Leon

Commodity: Refined Sunflower Oil.

Origin: Tureky.

Specifications: As per Standards.

Packaging: 1.8L Plastic Pet Bottle with private labeling. 6 Nos of 1.8L bottles in one carton / case. Private labeling:

Thanks for the shipment.

 by Zakarya Fellani

Thanks for the prompt shipping of the refined sunflower oil 1 ltr x12 carton for a quantity of two 40”feet container CIF misurata Libya.

 by Ali Sani

Thanks for the delivery to Afghanistan 5 litters refined oil 500 ton

 by Annabelle R Palacios


Thank you very much for the Refined Sunflower oil and Refined corn Oil shipment.

Thank you

Annabelle R Palacios

 by Aris Taba

dear Sir/Madam ,Please be advice we want to continue to do business with your esteemed company, we need another 1000MT per month.


Aris Taba

Trikarya Mandiri

 by William Rex
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Want buy this oil how is cost for one mt?

 by Mahhmed Issu

Swift delivery as described on quote . moreover great customer support

 by Nelson Gregory
Great Supplier

Thanks so much i got my supplies, amazing work you all doin in here

 by Van Sundden

Great Supplier