Hennessy Richard Extra Cognac

  • Cognac age


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  • Bottle size

700 ml

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  • Brand

Hennessy Cognac


Hennessy Richard Extra Cognac WHOLESALE AND BULK SUPPLIER.

Hennessy Richard Extra Cognac Wholesale. A truly exceptional Cognac, this is a choice that cannot be compared. Named after the world’s most famous Cognac house founder, Richard Hennessy, the exceptionality is immediately evident.

Blended with more than 100 entities of the finest eaux-de-vie that have been aged for up to 200 years in rustic oak barrels, the remarkability of this craft is difficult to express with words. Hennessy Richard Extra Cognac Bulk Exporter

With its blend dating back as far as the early 1800s, this choice has been branded as the most prestigious and luxurious Cognac on offer. Celebrating a Cognac house that creates harmony between history and modern flair, this drink is a true mirror of its origins.


Hennessy Richard Extra Cognac Wholesale
Hennessy Richard Extra Cognac Wholesale Worldwide


Blending exceptionally aged eaux-de-vie with a contemporary class that is unparalleled, there is no denying it’s an outstanding choice.

Presentation of the bottle :

Effortlessly expressing its incredible poise, this Cognac oozes class from the very first glance. Pleasantly presented in a 70cl handmade Baccarat decanter, with an elegant glass lid. Placed in a black wooden box, it’s a true treasure to enjoy. With its content communicating for itself, the sheer simplicity of this design speaks volumes about its superiority. Hennessy Richard Extra Cognac Wholesale

How to enjoy :

To fully experience the marvel of this Cognac, enjoy on its own in a tulip glass to create space for the outstanding blend to be appreciated. Enjoy the long finish with a slow, savoured sip. Hennessy Richard Extra Cognac Wholesale

tasting review :

Eye: Orange hue, blended with lighter yellow hues.

Nose: Beautifully balanced and complex. Its bouquet presents a delectable vanilla aroma, complemented with spices in the form of pepper and floral notes.

Palate: A fine texture, creating harmony between spice, fruit and fine-oak influence. A very, very long finish that will leave you speechless. Hennessy Richard Extra Cognac Wholesale

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