Olive Oil

  • All Natural, First Cold Pressed, Maximum Acidity of 0.3%
  • Genuine, Unadulterated, 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Lightweight Planet Friendly Bottle (BPA-Free) with Retractable Pourer
  • Also Available in a Variety of Infused Flavors


olive oil wholesale and suppliers.

Buy Olive Oil in Bulk. You’ll want to keep this oil on the table, as you do salt, rather than in the kitchen, as you do with supermarket oil. Our extra virgin’s pronounced taste is perfect for all Southern Italian flavours. Gourmands would argue that it is too distinctive to use on fish. We do anyway. And we love it. Olive Oil Bulk Suppliers

Don’t cook away the flavor or health benefits. Grill your bread, steak, fish, vegetables, and ONLY THEN apply our extra virgin, just before serving. Dive crusts of good bread into whatever extra virgin remains on the plate. Olive Oil Exporters


Buy Olive Oil in Bulk Worldwide
Buy Olive Oil in Bulk Worldwide.


It is the juice of the olive extracted on the first cold pressure thus their characteristics of body, fruity flavor and green color with golden reflections, is a dressing of luxury to the kitchen, both for hot dishes, as well as for its consumption in crude oil, as it enhances the flavor to all foods. Olive Oil Exporters
In a healthy and balanced diet, edible vegetable oils should not be lost because they are essential for maintaining the balance of lipids, cholesterol and lipoproteins that circulate in the blood and play an important role in our body. Buy Olive Oil in Bulk
Olive oil of superior category, A, D, E and K, and essential oils that the body cannot produce, and also the added power that highlights many of the sensory properties of the food, as the taste, aroma and texture. Olive Oil Bulk Suppliers


Olive Oil Bulk Worldwide Suppliers
Olive Oil Bulk Worldwide Suppliers.


  • Extra virgin olive oil :

Remains intact, all its sensory properties and health properties. It’s a juice of pure olive without additives or preservatives, obtained by physical processes, without contact with organic solvents and with a temperature of extraction is lower than or equal to 35 ° C. The acidity must be less than 0.8% and present a effect on sensory quality Characteristics identifiable information Very beneficial for the health. Olive Oil Exporters

  • How to protect it :

High quality extra virgin has three classic enemies: light, heat and air (rubber, cork and some forms of plastic can also affect its state). We bottle our extra virgin in an opaque package, to eliminate light as an issue. We suggest keeping it at the table versus near a flame in the kitchen. And keeping the resealable cap on is self-explanatory. Buy Olive Oil in Bulk


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