Menthol Crystal

  • These colorless, transparent crystals exude a sharp, minty scent, which has a cooling effect that makes them ideal for diverse applications.
  • To incorporate them in perfumes, cosmetics, balms, lotions, creams, shampoos, and conditioners, the recommended usage level is 0.5 – 8 %.



Buy Menthol Crystal Online. Menthol crystals generally come from India and are extracted from mint leaves with a gentle freezing process. Menthol crystals are a remedy you can use at home, that will provide symptomatic relief because the menthol reduces bronchial constriction and airway hyperresponsiveness. Menthol Crystal for Sale Online

Menthol likely sounds familiar to you as the plant essence that is often found in mouthwashes, toothpaste, balms, and many other products. It’s the primary active ingredient in essential oil of peppermint that provides the familiar cooling sensation. Menthol crystals are produced by rapidly cooling Eucalyptus and Peppermint. They are very concentrated and if used properly, are very beneficial when used for lung cleansing in small amounts. Buy Menthol Crystal Online


Menthol Crystal Bulk Suppliers
Menthol Crystal Bulk Suppliers


Adding menthol crystals to hot water (NOT BOILING WATER) and inhaling the vapors can begin to soothe congestion and irritated nasal or throat passages. Before getting in the shower, try dissolving some menthol crystals in a little water and add a few drops to the shower walls. The steam will release the menthol and provide you with an invigorating shower that provides aroma therapeutic benefits. Menthol Crystal for Sale Online

  • Menthol steam inhalation :

Simply add a few crystals of pure menthol to a bowl of hot water. Place a towel over your head in order to trap the steam. Inhale the menthol for at least ten minutes, taking care not to inhale too deeply. You will experience the soothing effects within a few minutes and notice you are able to breath a lot easier, as the steam helps soothe irritated tissue and thin blocked mucus throughout your sinuses. Buy Menthol Crystal Online

Menthol is the solid constituent of oil of mint, to which the characteristic odor is due. Menthol is obtained by subjecting the distilled oil to a temperature of -22ºC by aid of a freezing mixture; the menthol crystallizes out in satiny crystals. Buy Menthol Crystal Online


Menthol Crystal Exporters
Menthol Crystal Exporters


They dissolve readily into alcohol or essential oils, and they can be dissolved into water or oil at their melting point of 111.2ºF.
Menthol crystals are cooling, refreshing, and have a pleasantly strong minty aroma. They are often used in cosmetics, salves, balms, medicated creams, throat lozenges, toothpaste, mouthwash, gum, foot sprays, pain relief, shampoos, conditioners, linaments, shaving creams, oral or throat sprays, compresses, medicated oils, and cooling gels.

Since menthol crystals are so concentrated, only a very small amount is needed within products. Menthol Crystal for Sale Online

  • Extraction Method :

Crystallized quick frozen

  • Intended Use :

Food and cosmetic use

  • Crystal Size :

1/4-3/8 inch shards

  • Melting Point:

Approximately 111 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Precautions: 

Menthol crystals should never be used as a single ingredient product or applied directly to the skin without proper dilution. May cause irritation to skin or mucous membranes. Proper dilution within a finished product of no more than 2% as a food additive or 5% for topical application.Buy Menthol Crystal in Bulk


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